We are a place where teachers and students can harness the power of the best gif images for teaching and learning languages. Fully web mobile friendly. Students read, study and write books. Over 3,000 fun, educational leveled readers.  Teachers download books for offline reading, download book lesson materials and check student achievement with assignments and reports. 
No. Everyone can read books and use the book functionality. But registration is required to study books and write books. Teachers must register to download worksheets and assign books and use the LMS where anonymous student accounts are created.
Gif Lingua is fully funded and created by David Deubelbeiss. He pays for a team of developers and content editors. The plan is for the site to eventually be self - supporting. Schools and teachers will pay to use the TEACH functionality and access materials for all books. You can support the site by joining EFL Classroom 2.0 as a supporter. See our sister site - the best place to learn English with videos - EnglishCentral.
Gif Lingua Books works well on all devices and screen sizes. You can advance to the next page in a book by swiping left or return to the previous page by swiping right. To learn just using individual gifs - use the web or native apps
No. Gif Lingua is a copyright-free environment with photos credited from Giphy API and Flickr Creative Commons used with attribution to the source and for educational use. Teachers or students uploading photos must affirm they are approved for use.
We publish dozens of books each week. You can get notified by email when a new book is published by subscribing to Gif Lingua Books.
Very soon but we need the help of teachers. All English books can be copied by a teacher and then each page translated and the book republished into a new language. Select the language through the globe icon. The fall of 2017 we'll be working hard to translate books and have big libraries in all major world languages. . 
Studying With Gif Lingua
Gif Lingua Books all have a Quizlet study set and associated video. Students should first read the book. Then, click "Study" and learn or relearn the vocabulary using the different Quizlet games, flashcards and quizzes. Videos are teacher chosen and meant to be a book lesson extension. Students can register on Quizlet to compete on the Quizlet games. Teachers can also go to the quiz set on Quizlet and print off flashcards and tests for all of our over 3.000 study sets on Quizlet.
Students can personalize their reading on any book home page and selecting the settings icon:
  • Change text and background color
  • Turn sound off. Change voices.
  • Show or hide the book text.
Students must be part of a class with a teacher in order to write a book. Students publish their books to the class page where students and teachers can read it. It is not published publicly in the main library but a teacher can copy a student's book and publish it to the main library if he/she thinks it deserving! There are ? icons to help walk students on the book creation process: 1. Choose images or upload images. 2. Add text to each page with an image. 3. Order pages by dragging and dropping. 4. Name the book and set the book level and categories/tags 5. Add any additional content like a youtube video or quizlet set. 6. Publish and share!
All members can favorite books and share their favorite page. Just click the heart icon on the book home page. Unfavorite and remove from your favorite page by clicking the heart again (it will no longer be red). It's a handy way to create a collection of Gif Books to share with others on a related topic.
Students can become part of a class in 3 ways:
  • 1. Logging in with a teacher provided and created User ID and Password.
  • 2. Registering on Gif Lingua Books and submitting a teacher provided class code.
  • 3. Clicking on a teacher email invite link and then registering or logging in.
No problem. 1. The student can enter their email and get a new password by email. 2. Alternatively, create an additional account for the student and rovide them the new User Id and Password.
Teaching With Gif Lingua
It's a teacher's reading paradise. Assign books for students to read. View student writing and provide feedback. Share student books and collections. Download books to make your own ppt/epub digital book library. Download the best worksheets and materials for each book and topic. Copy books and republish as your own to personalize for your teaching and class. Make student accounts to protect their privacy and COPPA regulations. Track student attendance, reading and writing. Much more also!
You must be a subscribed teacher to dowload books and materials. It's low cost and worth every penny plus you are supporting a teacher built site. 1. Go to the HOME page of a book. On the right side click the small gear icon and select Download. 2. Select PPTx / Epub or Resource PDF (worksheets) 3. Save the download. This blog post tells teachers how they can download many books and make their own school digital library - no wifi needed to read books.
It is a "Learning Management System" where teachers can make classes, assign books for student reading, evaluate books students write, monitor student activity and get reports about student reading. It's easy to use and just Add A Class and get started!
It's super simple. Just browse through our catalog of books or search for books. When you see a book on a topic you want your students to read, simply click the + icon and select the class you want it added to. You can remove books from the class page by deselecting it from the class using the + icon.
Go to your class reports. Select and click on the number of Books Reads / Books Written and you'll see in detail all the books students have read or written.
Yes, please see our Young Learners category. We keep all our content culturally and educationally appropriate and should you find a page that you don't like - please contact us and we'll replace it, asap. We suggest you favorite books you want children to read and then send them to your favorites page.
Experienced educators who are knowledgeable about beginning readers of all ages publish and review books published on Gif Lingua. Books are leveled using the CEFR as a reference. We believe in "wide reading" and student exposure to a wide range of books in a level. We trust teachers to produce well edited, suitable books for learning a language. We'll be sharing many examples of book types to create on our blog. But see the library for the moment.
Purchase Gif Lingua
Gif Lingua is totally free until Sept.01, 2017. After Sept. 01, 2017 teachers and schools have to purchase a yearly subscription to use the LMS and allow students to write, read and study books in the teacher's classroom. It is hoped teachers will support the site and we'll grow into a huge low cost library to foster literacy all over the world.
We have many forms of payment on checkout. If you can't make payment please contact us and we'll make arrangements to get you up and running.